Types Of Best Mid Handicap Irons

The most important clubs in golf would inarguably be iron clubs. Since no golfer is alike, irons would most likely be the default club that any golfer can easily use and still excel with in their game.

In order to get the best golf iron that is suitable for you, you must compare the different types of golf irons out there and be able to identify which is fitting for your grip and playing style. It does not matter whether you are an amateur or a professional player since there will always be an ideal set of irons for you as long as you will be able to identify the specific one of your preference.Checkout best mid handicap irons for more info.

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There are basically two types of golf irons; forged and cast irons. Forged irons are made by heating the metal and are then hammered according to its club shape. But the process does not end there since it is then milled, drilled and grinded in order to get the ideal club head shape. Cast irons on the other hand are much cheaper since they are created with molds wherein they are put into shape automatically.

It is also important to know the function of golf irons since different irons are used for specific shots. Make sure that you would be able to identify the type of iron you need for the varying facets of the game.

Choosing a golf club that is ideal for your height would also play a crucial role to your game. Just imagine handling an iron that is way too short for you. It will definitely affect your swing since you will be bent lower preventing more power.

Basing your choice on your handicap would be the next step to check. It is quite obvious low handicaps will benefit from lower irons. For mid handicap, irons 3 to 9 are more ideal. For those who are high handicap golfers, they should choose those irons that are over 100 and could also opt playing with woods and wedges.

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The different sizes of golf iron heads should also be considered. There are three basic sizes for iron heads which are standard, midsize and oversized. The bigger the size would also equate to a higher control difficulty.

Aside from the iron head, the shaft must also be considered. There are two choices to choose from; graphite and steel. Steel shafts are heavier yet durable. The problem is that they are stiff and could limit control in the swing. On the other hand, graphites are more flexible.