Signs of Bed Bugs, What Are They?

Do you see signs of bed bugs in your home? Worried that the tales of letting those bed bugs bite is something that is actually happening in your home? There are many signs that you can look for that may lead to the decision to treat your home for these little pests.

Here is a bit of information about the bug that you will be looking for. They are a bug that will not have wings, and will have six legs. They have very large antennae, and will have a head that is squat. While their mouths are going to have large mandibles, most times they are something that will be confused and mistaken for a small cockroach. These insects actually have the ability to survive sometimes up to a year without eating anything. Making them a difficult thing to get rid of at times. Get more informations of bed bugs eggs.

In looking at this bug closer they are one’s that will not get very big at all, maybe an inch in length. While when you look at their size they are something that can only be about a quarter of an inch around. Spotting the bed bug signs or them a live is very difficult because they are quick creatures and hide very well.

This bug was something that was quite common back during the times of the Second World War. This may have been due to the fact that people just weren’t as clean as they are today. But even with the changes in hygiene there are still problems that you can find with these little insects. So look out for those signs of bed bugs!

Two types of bed bug are out there, you have the more common one that is the Cimex Lectularius, and the other is a more tropical bed bug, the Cimex Hemipterus. Both feed the same way by biting a human and getting blood from them.

There are ways to lead you to believe that your home has an infestation of these insects. Some of the signs of bed bugs that you may notice will be the following:

1. A red mark that has appeared on the skin, a bit that will heal, but normally you have no idea where you got it.
2. You will be itchy on that spot and it will be red.
3. There may be some swelling that you see on that red patch of skin.
4. Some people will even have blisters located around that bite.
5. There may be a bit of skin tissue that will be lost at sometimes.

Seeing these bites should mean that you begin to look around to see other signs that you may have a bed bug problem. Remember they are difficult to see so the chances of actually seeing a live one will be slim. But you may see some small dark spots on your mattress or bed covers. This could be a sign of a bedbug having been crushed on that bedding. Also you may find rusty looking spots on the mattress, linens or even the walls. This is a possibly the excrement of those bed bugs. For an infestation that is very bad you may notice a smell that is musty in the air even.