Shoulder Strengthening Exercises-An Analysis

The need of modern life has made us so dependable on computers that we spend most of our day time either in front of them or by working on a chair. It has become impossible to spare even 30 minutes for exercise, from our hectic schedule. As a result, we face health issues like pain in neck, shoulder and back on regular basis. In order to lead a satisfied life, devoid of any health problems, we need to do some exercises or meditation habitually. There are many small and easy exercises, which we can do everyday even during work to avoid health complications.more here

Exercises not only avoid health problems, but also keep you energetic and give your muscles proper shape and toning. Shoulders, being a very vital part of our body require extra care and strengthening exercises. If a person has injury in the stabilization system or the rotator cuff, then they must avoid shoulder strengthening exercises. Some of the simplest and best shoulders strengthening exercises are as follows:

Heavy Hinges – This is a very uncomplicated and simple exercise, it will not only keep your shoulders strong but also help in building triceps. For this exercise, you need to stand straight, push your arms straight back (downward facing) and stay in this position for a few seconds. Post this, bend your arms like hinges, fingers pointing straight ahead and remain in the position for some time. Repeat this process 5 – 10 times everyday.

Chop Wood – The second exercise is known as chop wood. The person doing this exercise appears as he is chopping wood with an axe. Clasp both your hands and stand straight. Take your clasped hands to your shoulders like lifting and resting an axe there. After this move your hands, straighten up your elbows and try to touch your left-thigh. Now do this exactly on the other side of the thigh. Practice this exercise daily for at least 7 – 8 times a day to keep your shoulders fit.

Ready for Fight – The next exercise is ready for fight. This helps in improving flexibility of the shoulder blades. To do this exercise, you need a chair, sit straight in the chair; raise your arms in a way that your elbows are positioned outwardly. Push your elbows as much as you can, while keeping your hands on your shoulders. Try this exercise at least 5-6 times a day. This work out will assist in keeping your shoulder, neck and back pain free.

Stretching Exercise – Stretching exercises are also very helpful in maintaining the strength of the shoulders. Remember not to bounce too much or over-stretch during stretching exercises, as that might result in sprain or muscle- tear.

Warm up – Warm up is a very straightforward way to keep all the body parts pain and tension free. Warm up facilitates proper blood-circulation in the body. Individuals, who have recently recovered from shoulder injuries, should do regular warm-up exercise as it ensures speedy recovery of the shoulder injury.