Detailed Notes on Personal Injury Attorney Atlanta

If you or any of your family members were injured on the job due to malfunctioning equipment, who is to be blamed for it? Who will help you get justice? Who would bear the expenses for the damage caused? What are you to do now? These are the things we think about when faced with a similar situation and the person who can actually help us through it all is a good personal injury attorney. Here are a few steps to help you find a good personal injury attorney. Checkout Personal Injury Attorney Atlanta for more info.

Step 1
Collect recommendations by talking to friends, family and co workers. You can also contact your local bar association in your area and ask them for the names and contact information of three attorneys who specialize in personal injury cases.

Step 2
Once you have compiled a list of names and contact information, it is time for you to start calling the attorney’s office to get some general information and set up an appointment with him. If he states that there is a fee for the initial consultation it is better to look to the other options you have.

Step 3
After you set up an appointment with each of the attorneys it is time for you to pay them a visit. Once seated with the individual attorneys you can share information regarding the case with them. It is also a good time to ask them about their experience with similar cases, their qualifications and their affiliations. Ask them about their fees, if they charge by the hour or if they charge a contingency fee, if it is the latter then it is important to find out what percent of the recovery they would take as fees.

Step 4
After leaving the office make sure you inquire about the reputation of each of them, since it is very important that whoever represents you has a good reputation as a trial attorney, so whether the case is handled in court or outside you are compensated properly. Most insurance companies offer huge settlement amounts if you have a well reputed trial attorney as they want to avoid going to court.

Step 5
Later on, ponder over your list. Analyze each appointment carefully and shortlist the most capable attorney who you feel fits the requirement.