Chesapeake Bay Crabs-Facts

If you want to have a unique pet at home you can opt to have your very own hermit crab. Obviously they are not as cute and cuddly as dogs or cats, but you don’t have to worry about fleas and ticks. You can get a hermit crab kit from your local pet store and start caring for this unusual animal. One thing that you should know is that they are peaceful animals. This is one reason you should go out and buy one as a pet. Hermit crab behavior is relatively simple – they are easy to handle. For those new to owning pets, this can be good news. Another important plus is that they are not poisonous! Unlike certain species of snakes which can actually kill several adults with one bite, they don’t have venom that can potentially kill you.

When you say crab, the first thought is the sea. But not all crabs are sea-dwellers. In fact, there are terrestrial crabs suited for the home. More than that, feeding a hermit crab does not entail having to go to the ocean to find food. Or if you’re used to eating crabs in the restaurant, you’d better have a different outlook then. Crabs can be pets!Being a member of the coenabitidae family, there is not much public knowledge about these creatures. Hermit crab behavior is practically a mystery to some but that can be easily remedied. One curious fact about these crabs is that their shells are actually their dwelling. It’s their haven especially when they feel threatened – by retreating into their shell, they find protection. They are born in the sea and eventually move to land though they often visit the water from time to time. read this on getting better tasting Chesapeake Bay crabs.

Owning a crab is quite easy. One good thing about them is their size. Being small, they don’t require much food and supplies. So feeding a hermit crab is not a big problem. Likewise, you can get a hermit crab kit and everything that you need is essential there. But unlike dogs and cats, you must own several crabs at a time. Contrary to what they are called, these crabs are not solitary creatures. They need company to thrive happily and healthily. Many crab owners buy them by the dozen. Just imagine them enjoying the company of their kind – thriving and healthy. Obviously these crabs are not for everyone’s taste. But it’s human nature to be skeptical about what they don’t know. Ask a crab owner and you’ll understand why they are truly marvelous as pets.