Chemical Free Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs have made a strong come back in the recent years. These sturdy insects can create havoc and cause bites that will itch and become swollen. Bed bugs can be found in dingy places as well as upscale places. It does not mean you are a horrible housekeeper, as these bugs love warm humid places to nest. The bed is one of those great hiding places as well as furniture, carpet and wallpaper. They love to find people to feed off of at night. You can find these flat red bugs by watching for their red bodies, shells and eggs.

You can reduce the opportunity of these bugs through watching for any signs, wash your bed clothing once per week and keep clutter to a minimum. You should always have used furniture checked out very carefully as it may contain bed bugs. Luggage can also be a great hiding place for these insects. If you live in a hot and humid climate you may be more prone to these infestations. Once you are infested you will want to get rid of them very fast.go to these guys bed bug eggs treatment.

For many years, a variety of harsh chemicals were used to try to destroy the eggs and the actual bugs. These chemicals left smells, oily residues and some people were allergic to the chemicals. Many chemicals due to regulations, have become less effective in ridding bed bugs. The bugs have also become resilient to some chemicals as well.

A new form of chemical free treatment has been developed to be used by pest control companies. The heat remediation chemical free treatment of bed bugs uses high levels of heat to kill the eggs and the adult bugs. The heat is between 120 and 135 degrees, which kills the bugs and eggs. This has been found to work great in hospitals, hotels, dormitory rooms. Many individual people have also found that this process works great in their homes as well.

You can contact a local exterminator to see if they offer heat remediation treatment for bed bugs. Not only is this a safe, chemical free process but also very effective. You can search on the internet to see a list of professionals using this method of treatment.