Bed bugs eggs:  Get Rid Of Your Infestation?

A fertilized female bed bug with access to an excellent food source will lay around 3 to 4 eggs every day. If circumstances really aren’t ideal she may only lay 1. In any case, its possible that a single female will probably lay around 500 eggs during her lifetime – usually somewhere around 9 months this depends upon conditions for example temperature etc.The very small bedbug eggs are laid where they are least likely to be disturbed therefore making certain they are given the very best chance of hatching and maturing. When searching for bedbug eggs take a look at any sort of cracks and crevices, behind peeling wallpaper, baseboards, along the base of headboards etc.For more information on bed bugs removal.

When an egg is first laid the outside is covered with a sticky substance which makes it to stick on to the surface upon which it has been deposited which makes it more difficult for it to be removed. The eggs of bed bugs are really extremely small measuring no more than 1 mm and they are white in color. Fairly often you will hear them compared in appearance to a grain of rice. At normal room temperature the young bed bugs will emerge within 7 days.

Obviously if you are able to find bed bug eggs and kill them before they hatch the infestation might be brought under control easier. Unfortunately it must be stated that this tends to be much easier said than actually doing it. Thanks to to their size and of course color unearthing bed bugs eggs is certainly no easy task most especially if they are on a surface which is light in color. It might be almost possible to see them with the human eye however making use of a magnifier and also a flash light could make the task a little simpler.

OK so, how do you eliminate bedbug eggs?

In all honesty there’s no straight-forward answer. Would you believe there are no chemical treatments guaranteed to destroy bed bug eggs in one go!. Some of these treatments won’t destroy any eggs due to the fact they cannot penetrate the outer casing. To be fair, these products are designed to destroy mature bugs and nymphs upon contact.

Thebest possible way to remove bedbug eggs is by using heat. Temperatures in excess of 120 oC can eliminate them. This is the reason that it is advisable to wash and tumble dry all bedding, clothing etc. before getting started with any treatment of the infested room. Its not the washing which will get rid of the eggs but the time the things spend in your drier.

As for killing bedbug eggs with heat you will have a couple of choices such as a commercial treatment carried out by professionals or possibly utilizing a good steam cleaner and doing the job yourself. You must always make sure it is one that reaches the sort of temperatures necessary in other words in excess of 120 oC and generates dry vapour to avoid items getting too wet and maybe causing problems with mildew.

If you do go for chemical treatments do not forget you are going to need to apply two or more because a single treatment will not eliminate all the eggs. Therefore, further treatments will be necessary at intervals to eliminate bugs as they hatch out.