A Guide To Marketing Recruitment Agency

Why work with a patient recruitment agency to increase the effectiveness of your CRO’s recruiting strategy? Because, to be honest, planning and executing a truly comprehensive set of recruitment strategies is usually beyond the scope of a CRO, much less an individual clinical research site. There is a surprising number of varied approaches that make up such a strategy, and the truth is that recruitment is only one of many responsibilities that the staff of a research organization carries. An agency dedicated to recruitment is able to devote all of its resources to creating strategies that work.Checkout Marketing Recruitment Agency for more info.

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Reaching Individuals

A large portion of any recruitment effort involves directly reaching out to individual potential volunteers. While a site may opt to simply blanket the surrounding neighborhoods with mailers, patient recruitment companies have access to a far more cost-effective method: using detailed, national mailing lists of addresses submitted voluntarily by people who are interested in finding out about trials in their area. These addresses include detailed age, gender, race, indication, and other data, allowing sites and CROs to mail recruitment materials to people who stand a good chance of volunteering.

Patient recruitment companies can also prepare sites to participate in local events by providing custom-printed signs, banners, marketing materials, and brochures. With these items in hand, a site is ready to meet people face to face, establish personal connections, and ask them to add their information to a contact list.

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Reaching Doctors

Doctor recommendations are another important element of a successful recruitment strategies. The best patient recruitment companies can customize letters to local doctors, explaining your trial and asking for their help in obtaining qualified volunteers. They can also create supporting materials, such as brochures, table tents, and even motion graphic videos to display in cooperating doctors’ waiting rooms.

Hosting a free health event at a local corporation accomplishes several goals for a research site. It introduces many individuals to the site’s staff and mission in a positive way, laying the groundwork for future direct recruitment activity. It also demonstrates that the site is a responsible, concerned member of the community that wants to help people in hands-on ways. A patient recruitment agency can design letters of introduction to local companies, help organize events, and produce marketing products that will solidify the event in the minds of employees.

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High Quality Materials Needed

It is not enough for patient recruitment companies to simply handle these and other recruitment responsibilities. All of the printed materials, video content, and marketing products mentioned above must be high quality in order to demonstrate the professional nature of the CRO or research site that they represent. A patient recruitment agency that keeps the design, printing, and distribution “in-house” has the best chance of communicating a unified, powerful message on behalf of its partner organizations. It also avoids the delays that are often caused by passing information back and forth between agencies, helping sites and CROs fill their recruitment quotas as quickly as possible.